“Carpe Diem”

There are many films that will touch your heart and mind. They may change your life and you may gradually realize some things from them. One of the best films that I have watched recently was the “Dead Poets Society”.

Everything started from “Seize the day!” by Mr. Keating. I was moved and suddenly asked myself, “Did I really make the most of my day?” This film is very powerful and inspiring. It reminds everyone to be courageous enough to do your own thing. At first, I thought this movie would be constantly funny because of the group of boys who revived the “Dead Poets Society”. They were really crazy, although Welton Academy is an exclusive prep school where strict teachers are always there to watch them. They have the guts to disobey the rules and enjoy their organization outside the school.

We’ve watched this film at school during our English class. I really enjoyed it, so I downloaded the movie and watched it again without any distractions at home. Mr. Keating is an awesome teacher and he reminds me of my Music and Arts teacher. It shows that he loves his students. Actually, he can travel anywhere but he chose to stay in his country and be an English teacher instead. He inspired a lot of his students to follow their dreams and bring out the best in them. He challenged everyone and taught of some techniques such as standing on their desk.

One of the students that he helped was Todd Anderson. Todd is a really quiet and shy student. He likes to compose poems, but he’s not brave enough to share them. With the help of Mr. Keating, he was able to compose a poem without any hesitations. You will meet Neil Perry as well, the boy who has the great passion in performing on stage. He enjoys performing, but his father never entertained the interest that his son has because he wanted Neil to pursue a medical program. His experiences were really tragic and kind of disturbing. Honestly, I was in tears when he was trying to express what he really feels towards his father, but he chose not to say a word.

Peter Weir is an extraordinary director. He used poetry to be an instrument to remind people that love, freedom, nature and life are some of the things that makes us alive. It is an awesome film and I would really tell my friends and my cousins to watch this movie. I would like to suggest everyone to watch this film without any distractions and savor every scene. From one to ten, I would like to rate this film as 10 because it is a very great film. It shows the reality of the world and that should never control you. Be yourself! Carpe Diem!






The Theater in Italy

It was a windy day here in Italy when we were invited to perform in a theater. We were always here to perform mostly classical music. I am glad that my orchestra enjoys our performances. For me, music is my first love and I would always thought of marrying it and grow old playing different genres of music. I never thought of using it to impress a lady and convince someone to love me back.

In decades of performing and as the pianist of our orchestra, I think this is our fifth time to perform in a ballet recital. Most of the time we perform in different places in Italy to entertain some guests, but today’s performance is way more different. “Robert, this ballet dancer glanced as if she was guided by the music.”, our first violinist once said. I can see her passion as she dances in the stage and that passion impresses me. “That young lady loves what she’s doing and that what makes her beautiful.”, I said while turning the pages of my piano piece.

“She’s beautiful.”, I whispered.

“Uhm, I – I mean that’s what makes her performance beautiful.” I stuttered.

How I wish I am at the same age as her. At that time, I fell in love again. That was my time to thought about using music to impress her or to make her happy. I fell in love but not at the right time and age. Maybe I’ll just forget about what I have felt that time and bring myself back to the reality. The ballet recital was done and I saw her smiling while carrying a bouquet of flowers.

“Congratulations Kate!” , I said while smiling at her.

“Thank you Sir. I am also impressed by your music.”, she replied and then she was called by her parents.

“I’ll go ahead now, thank you for appreciating my music.”, I said and then I walked away.

“That’s enough, I have to go back home.” Then the lights were turned off from the theater and I became silent.

One Month Realization

I’ve never imagined myself being into music. I never thought of carrying a musical instrument before. I am the type of person that gets bored easily and I will never enjoy a plain instrumental music, but everything has changed. I never planned of having an interest in violin. It is my first time to try it and it is my first time to appreciate the beauty of music.

I was crying every time I had my violin lesson with my teacher. The drills were very overwhelming and difficult to do. Every time I commit an error, my hands were slapped so badly and for that experiences, I thought of giving up. I thought that maybe this is not really my forte to pursue. They doubts were attacking me and every time I try,  it is always “Wrong bowing!”, “bad arm habits!”, these were always repeated in two hours of lesson every week end. I stopped my violin lessons for a month because I was very down to still continue.

For one month, I continuously hear my grandfather plays concerto in piano and I’ve realized that I missed the way my violin plays. I am just being too impatient for instant results. Three months of basic lessons is not enough for huge improvements. Nothing is achieved instantly without any sacrificed time and effort. It needs investment of sacrificed things that you want. Discipline in learning music is more different and controlling. For that moment that I stopped, I’ve realized that I am wasting my time. I am wasting a month that i should be improving instead.

I came back and tried again to improve myself. Well, classical music is not bad, I enjoyed it. I had the deep understanding for the purpose of a certain violin piece. Everything was composed uniquely and music is there to open the minds and hearts of the audience to freely explore the message of every tempo and dynamics from the piece. Musicians like me are like storytellers of one tragic story, but we use different language that can be understood not because they literally know the language, but how it feels when the composer was experiencing a certain pain, love and sorrow.

Emotions are shown to the audience just like an actor who acts on the stage. I think all performers have their one goal, it is to pass the emotions to the audience and make them feel what the real characters felt. I would always have goosebumps whenever I hear a very good concerto. Well, that’s music, it will make you lose yourself for awhile because it lets you explore priceless experiences and feelings.


My Opposite World

I am always comfortable with my life here in the city. I would always enjoy using my own gadgets and see the buildings outside our house. One day, we are forced to live in a province because of my father’s job. I am forced to come out from my comfort zone. We started to live in an old house with a lot of doors inside of it.

I hate my parents because they are not always there to support me. They are always busy and they won’t even ask if how i was doing for today. One day, they left the house because they have to go to their work. While I was sleeping, my mom left a small box beside my bed. I was expecting that my mom bought me a pair of new shoes, but when I opened it. I saw a pair of pink winter gloves. I felt very disappointed, so I left it on my bed and I explored the whole house.

In an empty room, i saw a small door. When I looked around, I saw a small key that fits for the small door. I unlocked the door and and entered a small and colorful tunnel. When I reached the end, the place was completely different. I can see a house similar to the old house that I am currently living but everything is colorful and fun. I entered the house and as I explore around the house, I heard someone singing. I went to the kitchen to check the person who was singing. I saw my “other mom” cooking for dinner. She looks mostly like my mom but her eyes and body were made from a fabric material. her eyes were made of buttons, her skin was made of fabric and she wears a cute dress.

Once I discovered that world, I kept on returning inside that small door. I only come out out from it when it’s time for me to go to sleep. I have realized that I wish that the “other mom” is my real mom from now on. I always wanted to replace my real parents with my “other parents.”

Everyday I enter my opposite world and have fun with my other parents. Later on, I’ve noticed that my parents won’t come home any more and my opposite world gradually shows its true color. My other mom would start to give me punishments whenever I try to escape from the door. She wanted me to stay there forever. “Since you hate your parents, you can stay with me forever and I’ll make sure that you’ll enjoy it.” she keeps on saying this whenever I try to escape from her house. I know she can hurt me but I will escape from this opposite world and be with my real parents.

I escaped from my opposite world and I am sure that my “other mom” will get mad. I locked the door and I threw away the key. I waited for my parents to come home but they’re not coming home for days that I was not around. I cried on my bed and I was hoping that they’re safe or alive. I wore the pink winter gloves that my mom gave me as a present. I suddenly fell asleep because of crying then there’s a sudden voice that I heard. The voice was very pleasing to my ears. When I opened my eyes, my mom was sitting beside me. I whispered, “I’ll never return from that small door again.”

You are my Ocean

He is the ocean that will always drowns me

He is the ocean that will never set me free

He only shows me the water and that’s what I only see.

He’s together with the waves and that’s what I believe.

I am his lover

My own waves become better

My waves elevated more further

He taught me how to be a fighter.

As long as the oceans have waves

My love for him will never be a haze

This love that only saves

The love that made me brave.

A Hero for a Day

We all know that superheroes possess  lot of superpowers. Then usually wear cool costumes or armors while defeating an enemy that is ruining a city. heroes don’t get exhausted after defeating five extraordinary enemies all in one. They are always ready to solve all of the problems of a city and they can deal with it any time. Because of these characteristics of a hero, they gain respect and honor from the people.

Heroes are created from the movies. They are popular for kids. But, why there is a hero? In movies, there’s a hero because ordinary humans have no ability to defeat supernatural enemies. There’s a hero because they should be the one protecting his people from harm.

Yes, super powers are impossible to possess for an ordinary human like us. Extraordinary enemies are for movies only. For me, the special powers that I should possess are the values that will always promote common good. Our enemies are the social issues that we are facing today. I believe that my super powers can solve this problem and everyone of us should have this for the world’s change.

Generosity is my super power. It can be a special power if it is unending. I know that many people lack this kind of value. Selflessness is everything for me because I believe that this will always workout in any problems.