My Opposite World

I am always comfortable with my life here in the city. I would always enjoy using my own gadgets and see the buildings outside our house. One day, we are forced to live in a province because of my father’s job. I am forced to come out from my comfort zone. We started to live in an old house with a lot of doors inside of it.

I hate my parents because they are not always there to support me. They are always busy and they won’t even ask if how i was doing for today. One day, they left the house because they have to go to their work. While I was sleeping, my mom left a small box beside my bed. I was expecting that my mom bought me a pair of new shoes, but when I opened it. I saw a pair of pink winter gloves. I felt very disappointed, so I left it on my bed and I explored the whole house.

In an empty room, i saw a small door. When I looked around, I saw a small key that fits for the small door. I unlocked the door and and entered a small and colorful tunnel. When I reached the end, the place was completely different. I can see a house similar to the old house that I am currently living but everything is colorful and fun. I entered the house and as I explore around the house, I heard someone singing. I went to the kitchen to check the person who was singing. I saw my “other mom” cooking for dinner. She looks mostly like my mom but her eyes and body were made from a fabric material. her eyes were made of buttons, her skin was made of fabric and she wears a cute dress.

Once I discovered that world, I kept on returning inside that small door. I only come out out from it when it’s time for me to go to sleep. I have realized that I wish that the “other mom” is my real mom from now on. I always wanted to replace my real parents with my “other parents.”

Everyday I enter my opposite world and have fun with my other parents. Later on, I’ve noticed that my parents won’t come home any more and my opposite world gradually shows its true color. My other mom would start to give me punishments whenever I try to escape from the door. She wanted me to stay there forever. “Since you hate your parents, you can stay with me forever and I’ll make sure that you’ll enjoy it.” she keeps on saying this whenever I try to escape from her house. I know she can hurt me but I will escape from this opposite world and be with my real parents.

I escaped from my opposite world and I am sure that my “other mom” will get mad. I locked the door and I threw away the key. I waited for my parents to come home but they’re not coming home for days that I was not around. I cried on my bed and I was hoping that they’re safe or alive. I wore the pink winter gloves that my mom gave me as a present. I suddenly fell asleep because of crying then there’s a sudden voice that I heard. The voice was very pleasing to my ears. When I opened my eyes, my mom was sitting beside me. I whispered, “I’ll never return from that small door again.”


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