“Carpe Diem”

There are many films that will touch your heart and mind. They may change your life and you may gradually realize some things from them. One of the best films that I have watched recently was the “Dead Poets Society”.

Everything started from “Seize the day!” by Mr. Keating. I was moved and suddenly asked myself, “Did I really make the most of my day?” This film is very powerful and inspiring. It reminds everyone to be courageous enough to do your own thing. At first, I thought this movie would be constantly funny because of the group of boys who revived the “Dead Poets Society”. They were really crazy, although Welton Academy is an exclusive prep school where strict teachers are always there to watch them. They have the guts to disobey the rules and enjoy their organization outside the school.

We’ve watched this film at school during our English class. I really enjoyed it, so I downloaded the movie and watched it again without any distractions at home. Mr. Keating is an awesome teacher and he reminds me of my Music and Arts teacher. It shows that he loves his students. Actually, he can travel anywhere but he chose to stay in his country and be an English teacher instead. He inspired a lot of his students to follow their dreams and bring out the best in them. He challenged everyone and taught of some techniques such as standing on their desk.

One of the students that he helped was Todd Anderson. Todd is a really quiet and shy student. He likes to compose poems, but he’s not brave enough to share them. With the help of Mr. Keating, he was able to compose a poem without any hesitations. You will meet Neil Perry as well, the boy who has the great passion in performing on stage. He enjoys performing, but his father never entertained the interest that his son has because he wanted Neil to pursue a medical program. His experiences were really tragic and kind of disturbing. Honestly, I was in tears when he was trying to express what he really feels towards his father, but he chose not to say a word.

Peter Weir is an extraordinary director. He used poetry to be an instrument to remind people that love, freedom, nature and life are some of the things that makes us alive. It is an awesome film and I would really tell my friends and my cousins to watch this movie. I would like to suggest everyone to watch this film without any distractions and savor every scene. From one to ten, I would like to rate this film as 10 because it is a very great film. It shows the reality of the world and that should never control you. Be yourself! Carpe Diem!