A Hero for a Day

We all know that superheroes possess  lot of superpowers. Then usually wear cool costumes or armors while defeating an enemy that is ruining a city. heroes don’t get exhausted after defeating five extraordinary enemies all in one. They are always ready to solve all of the problems of a city and they can deal with it any time. Because of these characteristics of a hero, they gain respect and honor from the people.

Heroes are created from the movies. They are popular for kids. But, why there is a hero? In movies, there’s a hero because ordinary humans have no ability to defeat supernatural enemies. There’s a hero because they should be the one protecting his people from harm.

Yes, super powers are impossible to possess for an ordinary human like us. Extraordinary enemies are for movies only. For me, the special powers that I should possess are the values that will always promote common good. Our enemies are the social issues that we are facing today. I believe that my super powers can solve this problem and everyone of us should have this for the world’s change.

Generosity is my super power. It can be a special power if it is unending. I know that many people lack this kind of value. Selflessness is everything for me because I believe that this will always workout in any problems.