The Theater in Italy

It was a windy day here in Italy when we were invited to perform in a theater. We were always here to perform mostly classical music. I am glad that my orchestra enjoys our performances. For me, music is my first love and I would always thought of marrying it and grow old playing different genres of music. I never thought of using it to impress a lady and convince someone to love me back.

In decades of performing and as the pianist of our orchestra, I think this is our fifth time to perform in a ballet recital. Most of the time we perform in different places in Italy to entertain some guests, but today’s performance is way more different. “Robert, this ballet dancer glanced as if she was guided by the music.”, our first violinist once said. I can see her passion as she dances in the stage and that passion impresses me. “That young lady loves what she’s doing and that what makes her beautiful.”, I said while turning the pages of my piano piece.

“She’s beautiful.”, I whispered.

“Uhm, I – I mean that’s what makes her performance beautiful.” I stuttered.

How I wish I am at the same age as her. At that time, I fell in love again. That was my time to thought about using music to impress her or to make her happy. I fell in love but not at the right time and age. Maybe I’ll just forget about what I have felt that time and bring myself back to the reality. The ballet recital was done and I saw her smiling while carrying a bouquet of flowers.

“Congratulations Kate!” , I said while smiling at her.

“Thank you Sir. I am also impressed by your music.”, she replied and then she was called by her parents.

“I’ll go ahead now, thank you for appreciating my music.”, I said and then I walked away.

“That’s enough, I have to go back home.” Then the lights were turned off from the theater and I became silent.